“Mochi” Atomu Imoto Morehouse

Abducted 2010

“Mochi” Atomu Imoto Morehouse (a.k.a Atomu Imoto)
Mochi MorehouseParent of Kidnapped Child:Jeffery Morehouse

Location:Shoreline, WA
Child's Birthday: November 2003
Abduction Date:June 2010
Last Contact:June 2010
Abductor's Name:
Abducted From:
Michiyo Imoto Morehouse (a.k.a. Chi Imoto, Michiyo Imoto, Michiru Imoto)
Bellevue, WA
Website: Bring Mochi Home


Jeffery was granted primary custody of Mochi in 2007 due to Michiyo’s alcohol usage, psychological concerns, violence issues and documented flight risk to Japan. Restraining orders against the mother traveling with Mochi were in place when she obtained a passport fraudulently from the Japanese Consulate in Portland and fled to Japan with Mochi. Consular officials have refused requests to pursue prosecution and/or return the child based on her violation of Japanese or U.S. law.

Since the abduction, all communication has been lost between Mochi and his father. Multiple attempts to contact the grandparent’s have been ignored. Mochi’s whereabouts and condition remains unknown.

In March 2014 Jeffery was granted sole custody by a Japanese court. Mochi is still not being returned.


Since 1994 more than 400 children have been abducted to Japan from the U.S. The Government of Japan has failed to return a single kidnapped child, making it “A Black Hole for Child Abduction.”

Abducted 2010

Notes from Jeffery Morehouse


  • From Santa To Mochi

    Dear Mochi,

    Santa sent a letter to you.





  • The Gift

    Dear Mochi,

    I tried to find you during New Year’s in Japan. I have never given up. I just wanted to give you a present, some Legos. They were always your favorite. Maybe I’d get to speak to you or give you a hug.







    I walked seventeen miles through the snow and rain, over two days, trying to locate your grandparent’s house. I was hoping you might visit there for the holidays.

    On New Year’s Day, with the help of another parent, Mr. Yanagihara, we arrived to deliver your gift. Your grandmother opened the door initially, but shut and locked it quickly. Through the locked door, we pleaded with her to accept the gift and give it to you.







    She falsely claimed she didn’t know where you were. In the background, I heard her make a phone call. Was it to your mother, warning her to not come over? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. She had a small opportunity to doing something right and she failed.

    This is not over. Mochi, you are always in my heart.



  • The Grandparents’ Wish

    Dear Mochi,

    We miss you so much and think about you everyday and pray that you are being well taken care of but, we along with your Daddy, want you to come back to your home. There are so many fun things waiting for you here.

    Again, we were kept from celebrating another birthday with you. It is hard to believe you are already 9 years old now. It would be so nice to see a picture of how much you have grown. Your Great-Grandma died 3 months after you were taken to Japan without Daddy or us knowing you were not being brought back to your home.

    We don’t know if you are getting to play soccer, baseball and all the things you loved to do here at your home. If you would come back, Evan, MacKenzie, Milana and all your other Morehouse cousins would have a big party with all of us there too! We would be so excited to see you.

    Please hurry home soon.

    We love you with all our hearts.

    Grandma & Grandpa

  • Happy Holidays 2011 – “I Am One”

    The parents from BACHome would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season.  This time of year is very hard for all left-behind parents since we cannot be with our kids who have been abducted to Japan.  Hopefully they will see this video and know that we love them and miss them very much.  Our love goes out to them.



  • Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Love

    Dear Mochi,

    In just a few days it will be Christmas, and soon after that the beginning of a new year.  Grandma and myself think of you always.  With the advent of the holiday season we wanted you to know how much you are in our daily thoughts and hearts.   Time seems to have passed by so quickly since we last held you, talked with you and laughed with you.  Your smile, politeness, tender ways and infectious laugh continue to resonate within our souls daily.  In just the few years we were able to be present in your daily life, you brought a life long carpet of happiness to ours.  Sometimes as we sit, it is almost as if we can hear your youthful happy voice.  Playing “magic” tricks with you and laughing until we almost lost our breath.  Your endless and curious demeanor was so evident.  Your eyes would light up with amazement at the wonders of life around you.  You always displayed a high level of intelligence, but above all that, a stronger sense of humility and pride and admiration for those around you.  It is so easy to be proud of you.  In just the few years we spent with you,  we were (and are) the proudest grandparents any young child could have.  A pride that is timeless and everlasting.  We know you are out there, and we pray for your safety and return.  The LOVE you gave to us is strong and will never be taken from us.  We are ever reminded during this time of year of sacrifice and commitment.  Mochi, grandma and grandpa will see you again.  When that time comes we will continue to Love the young man who was taken away from here at such a young age.  Remember always, we are looking for you. Hopefully soon the day will come when our worlds will reconnect.  We will make up for lost time and share our stories.  Christmas time teaches us to have patience .  To know, that  through belief, hope and prayer that the answers to all the whys’ will come.   Mochi, have a Merry, merry, merry Christmas.  Look up to the stars and heavens above each day and know that there are many people watching over you and hoping for your safe and speedy return to America.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow is not the end, but only the beginning.  Hurry home.  Grandma and Grandpa want to hold you tight and let you know that the LOVE we share with you is as strong today as it was in all our yesterdays.   We will be looking up in the heavens with all of  its beautiful stars.  And maybe, just maybe, we will all be looking at the same star.  Praying for and searching for the same thing.  A time when your daddy, grandma and grandpa, your relatives  in America and so many others can all be together again.  Smiling, laughing and sharing our stories.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.  XOXO

    All Our Love Forever,

    Grandma and Grandpa

  • Birthday Wishes

    Mochi Creates

    Dear Mochi,

    Another birthday approaches. I thought you would be home by now, but you are not. You are still missing.

    In your room, I see your toys. They call to me. The Lego’s you love so much, waiting for you to bring them to life again. The books I read to you and you had just started to read to me, before your mother kidnapped you from the only world you had known.

    The last time I saw you was on Father’s Day 2010. You were to have a week-long visit with her. If only I had somehow known. I could have stopped her. It was the last time I heard your voice, except in the stillness of my mind. She has tried to silence you, to erase me from thoughts. You know better, your will is strong. Deep inside you the truth burns bright.

    I am doing everything I know how to do, even when I feel I can’t try anymore. I get up each day and try some more.

    Birthdays come and go.

    My love for you will not cease.

    I am your father.


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