“Mochi” Atomu Imoto Morehouse

Abducted 2010

“Mochi” Atomu Imoto Morehouse (a.k.a Atomu Imoto)
Mochi MorehouseParent of Kidnapped Child:Jeffery Morehouse

Location:Shoreline, WA
Child's Birthday: November 2003
Abduction Date:June 2010
Last Contact:June 2010
Abductor's Name:
Abducted From:
Michiyo Imoto Morehouse (a.k.a. Chi Imoto, Michiyo Imoto, Michiru Imoto)
Bellevue, WA
Website: Bring Mochi Home


Jeffery was granted primary custody of Mochi in 2007 due to Michiyo’s alcohol usage, psychological concerns, violence issues and documented flight risk to Japan. Restraining orders against the mother traveling with Mochi were in place when she obtained a passport fraudulently from the Japanese Consulate in Portland and fled to Japan with Mochi. Consular officials have refused requests to pursue prosecution and/or return the child based on her violation of Japanese or U.S. law.

Since the abduction, all communication has been lost between Mochi and his father. Multiple attempts to contact the grandparent’s have been ignored. Mochi’s whereabouts and condition remains unknown.

In March 2014 Jeffery was granted sole custody by a Japanese court. Mochi is still not being returned.


Since 1994 more than 400 children have been abducted to Japan from the U.S. The Government of Japan has failed to return a single kidnapped child, making it “A Black Hole for Child Abduction.”

Abducted 2010

Notes from Jeffery Morehouse


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